CPHx3 – #473 Run Report – Ban Jing Shan 成都熊猫捷兔 473次跑步 — 丹景山

CPHx3 – #473 Run Report – Ban Jing Shan
成都熊猫捷兔 473次跑步 — 丹景山

On Sunday, March 6, 2016, the Chengdu Panda Hash House Harriers set off with 68 people on two buses for Pengzhou to visit Ban Jing Shan, a mountain park with great natural views and scenic beauty. Thanks to our Hare for the run, Wasabi, and his relationship to the Sichuan Longmont Mt. Tourism Development Company, the Hash was covered by the local press and our visit was given a very warm welcome.
2016年3月6日,星期天,有68人(两车)参加了成都捷兔熊猫俱乐部位于彭州风景秀丽的丹顶山的跑步活动。 感谢此次跑步活动的兔子Wasabe 和四川(need to check the Chinese name)公司,我们不仅在当地受到了热烈的欢迎而且当地媒体还对我们的活动进行了报导。

The ride from Tongzilin took about two hours and upon arrival shortly before 1:00am all Hashers were given an hour to roam around, have lunch and become familiar with their surroundings. At 2:00pm we circled up inside the gates of the park and Wasabi gave the trail marking explanations to the many Virgin runners who were attracted to sign up for the Hash to enjoy the beautiful outdoors (and to supplement the regular Hashers beer addictions).
从桐梓林到目的地大约花了两个小时,我们到达时已是将近午后1点,所有的参与者都集合在一起吃午饭并熟悉周边环境。下午2点大家在丹顶山大门口集合,Wasabe 就路线标志向菜鸟们一一解释,很多菜鸟都是被美景所吸引而加入到我们此次的活动中来的(当然对于老Hasher来说啤酒是肯定少不了的。)

On a day of unseasonably warm weather the trail set was essentially a long uphill route along a mountain path to the top of Ban Jing Shan with many check points along the way. The further up the mountain the pack moved, the more the scenery revealed itself to be spectacular as many varieties of trees were budding and blooming all the way up to the top.

After the long uphill slog, the trail went directly through a Buddhist Monastery on the way back down the mountain and all felt particularly blessed to be heading back down into the valley and towards a “keg” of refreshing Slow Time Beer, the official beer of the Chengdu Panda Hash.

The highlight of the Closing Circle was welcoming the Great Dane, Sausage Sucker, Floppy Cactus and Just Xiao Yan Xu (who is eagerly waiting to be named) back as “Returning Runners”. They all but admitted that their was a huge hole in their lives and that they were back with the Panda Hash to fill those holes, with Slow Time Beer of course.
结束曲的焦点是大家请出了Great Dane, Sausage Sucker, Floppy Cactus 和Just Xiao Yan Xu (迫不及待想要被命名),这几位都是3次以上没能参加活动的,各位都承认重回Hash 填补了他们生活中的空缺,这个空缺当仁不让的属啤酒莫属!

A big thank you to Morticia, who apparently can bake cakes like a champion! She brought two cakes to the Hash that she had made the day before and they didn’t last long when they were presented. Most of us never realized how good chocolate cake is when washed down with foamy cups of Slow Time Beer.

After the Closing Circle, the participants boarded their buses and went a few clicks down the road to a Hash House serving only the finest in Sichuan cuisine. This gave everyone a chance to finish the keg off, get some solid food down and ready themselves for the ride back into town.

#473 was a fine Hash indeed and we are already looking forward to #474 on March 20th as we will be again traveling outside the city to see the beautiful yellow flowering rape seed as it is now blooming all over the Sichuan basin.

Come out and join us – On! On!
一起来出游吧 — On! On!

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